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A Kettleballer is one who is impressive with a Kettlebell and is focused on serious body transformation.  Proven to be the most efficient and effective cardio and strength training program, Kettlebell exercises are designed to use your natural body movement, working all your muscles at the same time for lean muscle building and fat burning.


Strong Body = Strong Mind

A Kettleballer is one who is impressive with a Kettlebell



Sign up for a Ketllebell class at Glow Yoga & Wellness San Francisco or do an online class on my YouTube channel.  In just 45 minutes, you burn up to 800 calories, while building sexy muscle tone.  Lunges, squats, push, pull, twists are just some of the familiar moves you will experience with a Kettlebell ranging from 7 - 20lbs.


Mona Patel

I'm crazy about Kettlebells! This beautiful iron ball  has changed my life.  Not only has Kettlebell training strengthened and transformed my body, but I also feel more confident and empowered.  Something about lifting and moving with an iron ball makes you feel invincible!

After teaching Power Yoga for several years, I realized that making people feel good, inside and out, was my true passion. I discovered Kettelbell training after learning that lifting weights is a key element to staying youthful and feeling strong.  Kettlebell training is the most efficient and effective workout for burning serious calories and building long, lean muscles.  But more importantly, it's fun because there are hundreds of Kettlebell exercises you can do with your favorite music so it's never boring. 

I do have a rewarding career in High Tech during the day which allows me to live comfortably in San Francisco - my favorite city in the world.  A city that is so health conscious, San Francisco is the best place to spend my evenings and weekends delivering the 'kettleballer' message.




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